Upcoming talks by lab members

Just a quick heads-up about some upcoming talks and presentations:

- Gavin is giving a talk about his work on sex comb evolution at the American Entomological Society meeting, April 7-10;

- Sarah’s PBG graduation seminar, summarizing her work on the comparative genetics of pigmentation, is Tuesday, April 23

- Don and Raul are giving talks, and Cindy, Lisa, and Margaret are presenting posters, at the Undergraduate Research Conference April 26 (posters) and 27 (talks)

Lots of good stuff!

Some new papers

A quick heads-up: Sarah and Thad’s paper on genomic resources for the D. ananassae subgroup, Joel’s paper on sex comb development in Lordiphosa, Angus’ paper on the yeast communities of different Drosophila species, and Thad’s paper on the genetic basis of Dollo’s law are all in press now.  See them on the Publications page.