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Month: August 2014

Hiking and swimming in Desolation Winderness

It’s a miracle – Judy managed to get the whole lab together on the same day.  Never worked for me…  maybe she should be in charge of organizing all lab activities from now on?

We had a great hike in Desolation Wilderness, culminating in a pleasantly cool (sic) swim in Lake of the Woods.  We even got caught in a rare summer rainstorm on the way back.

Stay tuned for fall activities.Screen Shot 2014-08-27 at 14.56.23

Farewell to wonderful undergraduate students

We are excited for their future, but sad to see them leave:

Daniel is now a graduate student at Stanford, where he will be studying ant behavior and evolution

Don is at the NIH for Intramural Research Training

Jane is back home enjoying some much needed R&R before applying to medical schools.

Good luck, guys!

Judy and David’s DMRT phylogeny is published

This was very hard and thankless work, but the DMRT phylogeny, such as it is, is out:  Let us hope it will bring some order to the classification of DMRT paralogs in non-model species.

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