Safety Documents

Reproductive toxin SOP
Carcinogen SOP
Acid SOP
SOP for acutely toxic substances

Basic Molecular Biology

Making and running a gel

Cloning protocols

Bacterial stabbing and plate streaking
How to make electrocompetent cells
How to electroporate bacteria
Transformation using chemically competent cells (video link here)
Culturing transformed bacteria
Making LB broth or LB agar plates
Pouring LB plates

Nucleic Acid Extraction & Quantification

Trizol RNA purification for small amounts of tissue
Addendum to Trizol RNA extraction protocol
Single fly squish prep
Single fly genomic DNA extraction
Single fly DNA extraction with Qiagen Gentra Puregene kit
DNA prep from 20 flies
Phenol chloroform purification
Using the nanodrop

Sanger Sequencing

Sanger sequencing
Sanger sequencing cleanup

Drosophila germline transformation

Injection protocol (Gompel lab)

Fly protocols

Abdominal cuticle prep
Pupal collection times
Fixing fly pupae for legs
Oenocyte dissection


Whole mount immunohistochemistry protocol
Epidermis immunohistochemistry #1
Epidermis immunohistochemistry #2

In-situ hybridization protocols

DIG labeling of RNA probes #1
DIG labeling of RNA probes #2
DIG labeling of RNA probes #3
Pupal RNA in situ hybridization
Abdominal RNA in situ hybridization
Adult internal structures in situ hybridization
Imaginal disc in situ hybridization

Scanning electron microscopy

Preparing SEM sample
Imaging SEM protocol