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Month: December 2012

Evo-Devo and Transgenic Technologies classes

This winter, I will be teaching two classes that may be of interest to the group.  The first is my regular Evolution of Animal Development class that I do every couple of years – see the “Classes” page.  The other is a new class that will cover transgenic technologies developed for model organisms including Drosophila, mammals, zebrafish, marine invertebrates, plants, fungi, and single-celled eukaryotes.  The emphasis will be on recent advances and on broadly applicable principles and tools that are successful across a wide range of eukaryotic taxa.  Class schedule will be by mutual agreement (Doodle) so sign up early.

Raul receives a presentation award

Raul has received the Presentation Award at the 2012 Annual Biomedical Research Conference for Biomedical Students for his work on the evolution of ovipositor morphology in D. suzukii.  This is out of 1700 people who presented their research.  Congratulations!

Thad’s Dollo’s Law paper is on the cover of Genetics

Check it out:

Daniel believes this is the austral aura of a fly (or something to that effect)

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