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Month: October 2015

Murder Mystery Party!

Hey guys – the Murder Mystery Party will take place November 6 at the lab headquarters.  Thanks to Zach for organizing it!   Do your best to make him proud.

Yige Luo joins the lab

Yige Luo, a recent graduate of Peking University, joins our lab and the PBG Graduate Group in September 2015.  Yige has done some great work on the pheromones of a very unusual fly species.

Ammon Thompson joins the lab

More about Ammon’s work on the evolution of electrical organs in fish here:

Ammon is joining our lab as a postdoc in September 2015.

Zach Farrow joins the lab

Zach Farrow, a BMCDB graduate student, joins the lab.  Zach’s previous background is in visual system development in mice.

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