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Month: July 2012

Biotechnology at its best

Artificial jellyfish built from rat cells

7/27/12 WCB

Hey Everyone,

WCB will be held at 4:00PM-5:00PM Friday, July 27th.  The paper we will be discussing (Venken et al 2011) outlines the MIMIC lines a exciting new transgenic resource.  The link is below:

butterfly genome

Really interesting story coming out of the Heliconius genome:

Butterfly genome reveals promiscuous exchange of mimicry adaptations among species


Evolution of arthropod nervous system

A few months ago, we had a little seat-of-the-pants discussion of the (macro)evolution of CNS and sensory systems in arthropods.  If you want to follow up on that, here is a little review:

Evolving specialization of the arthropod nervous system

WCB club Friday 7/6

Hey everybody, the first summer meeting of the WCB club is this Friday, 4-5 pm.  Artyom will talk about the following paper:

Fluorescent fusion protein knockout mediated by anti-GFP nanobody


Homologous gene identification methods

As many in our lab know, identifying homologous/orthologous genes in sister species is tedious process that even with decades of research, still generates vast uncertainty, which in turn, confounds downstream analyses (and is a pain to be honest).

Here are two recent papers that try to address the issue:

Domain enhanced lookup time accelerated BLAST

Prediction of Protein Domain with mRMR Feature Selection and Analysis

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