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Month: April 2011

Students present their work at the Undergraduate Research Conference

Pam gives a talk about her work on Drosophila gut symbionts, while Alexa, Matthew, Sandy, and Setong show off their posters on sex comb and chemoreceptor development at the UC-Davis Undergraduate Research Conference. Setong, as always, looks distinguished in a suit and tie.

Freel Peak – way back when

Here’s a quick reminder of an older lab trip to Freel Peak – at 10881 ft, the highest point in the Tahoe area.

Ice cream

Freel Peak summit

Freel Peak summit

Sarah receives an NSF Dissertation Improvement Grant

Sarah receives a DDIG for her work on the comparative genetics of sex-specific color patterns in different Drosophila species. This grant will help her test whether similar phenotypes can evolve through changes in different genes.

Gavin receives an NSF Graduate Research Fellowship

Gavin receives an NSF pre-doctoral grant for his work on the evolution of doublesex cis-regulatory elements. His work will help us understand the molecular mechanisms responsible for the origin and diversification of new sex-specific traits.

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