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Month: March 2013

5th annual mushrrom hunting trip

This year’s mushroom trip-and-dinner was once again a success.  The weather and forest spirits cooperated with our intentions to a sufficient degree:

The dinner menu featured porcini and shaggy parasol soup, 10-mushroom-species minestrone, sauteed winter chanterelles, hedgehog mushroom risotto, pasta with black trumpet sauce, and candy cap cookies.

Let us hope the next season will be as good or better!

And many thanks to Grace for wonderful pictures.

And interview with Sir Edwin Southern (yes, THAT Southern).

Take a look:

End-of-quarter party!

The quarter is over and we all survived.  To celebrate these happy events, an outdoor barbecue party will take place on Thursday, March 28, at 5 pm (till whenever).  Remember to bring your own chair!

Angus and Pam’s Tripanosome paper is accepted

Angus and Pam’s paper on tripanosomatid parasites of Drosophila is now in press in PLoS One.  They can give you a preview if you ask nicely.

Upcoming talks by lab members

Just a quick heads-up about some upcoming talks and presentations:

– Gavin is giving a talk about his work on sex comb evolution at the American Entomological Society meeting, April 7-10;

– Sarah’s PBG graduation seminar, summarizing her work on the comparative genetics of pigmentation, is Tuesday, April 23

– Don and Raul are giving talks, and Cindy, Lisa, and Margaret are presenting posters, at the Undergraduate Research Conference April 26 (posters) and 27 (talks)

Lots of good stuff!

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