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Month: March 2014

Daniel receives a UC Davis undergraduate award

Daniel receives the Stanley and Jacqueline Schilling Award from UC Davis.  Congratulations!

Gavin wins CBS Dean’s Mentorship Award

Gavin wins the 2014 Dean’s Mentorship Award from the College of Biological Sciences for his collaborative work with undergraduate and high school students.

Daniel receives GSA Victoria Finnerty award

Daniel receives the Victoria Finnerty undergraduate travel award from the Genetics Society of America to attend this year’s Drosophila Research Conference.  Press release is here. Interestingly, 2 out of 11 award recipients are from the UC Davis EVE department.

Press release about Joel’s ovipositor paper

Here   and   here

Dave Plachetzki’s new lab

Dave Plachetzki has established his new lab at the University of New Hampshire Department of Molecular, Cellular, & Biomedical Sciences, where he’ll be closer to his favorite critters (in the summer, at least; he’ll miss us in winter).  Good luck Dave!

Daniel receives Stanford Graduate Fellowship

Daniel receives Stanford Graduate Fellowship – and is off to the Stanford University Ecology and Evolution graduate program next year.  We’ll miss him.

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