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Gayane receives a PUF grant

Congratulations to Gayane, who has been awarded a Provost’s Undergraduate Fellowship for her work on the evolution of sex-specific gene regulation.

Ammon Thompson joins the lab

More about Ammon’s work on the evolution of electrical organs in fish here:

Ammon is joining our lab as a postdoc in September 2015.

Farewell to wonderful undergraduate students

We are excited for their future, but sad to see them leave:

Daniel is now a graduate student at Stanford, where he will be studying ant behavior and evolution

Don is at the NIH for Intramural Research Training

Jane is back home enjoying some much needed R&R before applying to medical schools.

Good luck, guys!

Judy and David’s DMRT phylogeny is published

This was very hard and thankless work, but the DMRT phylogeny, such as it is, is out:  Let us hope it will bring some order to the classification of DMRT paralogs in non-model species.

Dave Plachetzki’s new lab

Dave Plachetzki has established his new lab at the University of New Hampshire Department of Molecular, Cellular, & Biomedical Sciences, where he’ll be closer to his favorite critters (in the summer, at least; he’ll miss us in winter).  Good luck Dave!

End-of-quarter party!

The quarter is over and we all survived.  To celebrate these happy events, an outdoor barbecue party will take place on Thursday, March 28, at 5 pm (till whenever).  Remember to bring your own chair!

Angus and Pam’s Tripanosome paper is accepted

Angus and Pam’s paper on tripanosomatid parasites of Drosophila is now in press in PLoS One.  They can give you a preview if you ask nicely.

Upcoming talks by lab members

Just a quick heads-up about some upcoming talks and presentations:

– Gavin is giving a talk about his work on sex comb evolution at the American Entomological Society meeting, April 7-10;

– Sarah’s PBG graduation seminar, summarizing her work on the comparative genetics of pigmentation, is Tuesday, April 23

– Don and Raul are giving talks, and Cindy, Lisa, and Margaret are presenting posters, at the Undergraduate Research Conference April 26 (posters) and 27 (talks)

Lots of good stuff!

Some new papers

A quick heads-up: Sarah and Thad’s paper on genomic resources for the D. ananassae subgroup, Joel’s paper on sex comb development in Lordiphosa, Angus’ paper on the yeast communities of different Drosophila species, and Thad’s paper on the genetic basis of Dollo’s law are all in press now.  See them on the Publications page.

Recent student awards

The latest successes:

Raul has been selected as one of the eight students who will represent UC Davis at the Annual Biomedical Research Conference for Minority Students (ABRCMS) in San Jose, November 7-10, 2012.  Raul will talk about his work on the evolution of ovipositor morphology and its role in ecological innovation.

And Bill has received one of the GREAT Best Research Awards for his summer project on tissue-specific doublesex enhancers.

Well done, guys!

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