Artyom teaches several undergraduate and graduate classes at UC Davis.

EVE100 – Introduction to Evolution.  Taught until 2011, probably won’t be teaching it again for a while

BIS2A – Introductory Biology.  Next time – Winter 2016

EVE150 – Evolution of Animal Development.  Taught in Winter 2015.  Next time – Winter 2017

EVE198/298 – Transgenic Technologies.  Offered every 2-3 years.  Taught in Fall 2015.  No firm future dates at the moment.

PBG200A – Population Biology graduate core.  Taught every fall, Artyom teaches the genomics section.  Next time – Fall 2015.

MCB213 – Topics in Developmental Biology (part of the BMCDB graduate group core).  Artyom teaches the section on comparative development.  Last taught Winter 2013.  Will not teach again, probably.

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