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Nerisa is going to vet school

Nerisa is leaving our lab this summer to start a veterinary medicine program at Ohio State.  Congratulations!  We’ll miss her – but someone has to develop new cures for flies.

Kevin is accepted to his top-choice graduate program

Great news – Kevin has been accepted to the Bioinformatics graduate program at the University of Michigan.  But we’ll still have the pleasure of his company for a few more months.

Logan Blair joins the lab

Logan Blair from the Integrative Genetics and Genomics graduate group has joined the lab.  He will be working on the origin and evolution of cis-regulatory sequences in Drosophila.

Giovanni Hanna joins the lab

Giovanni Hanna from the Integrative Genetics and Genomics graduate group has joined the lab.  His work will focus on the development and evolution of male (and perhaps also female) reproductive organs.

David receives an NSF DDIG

David receives an NSF Doctoral Dissertation Improvement Grant for his work on the evolution of novel sensory systems.  His project will focus on how the new organs acquire their unique repertoire of effector genes.

Murder Mystery Party!

Hey guys – the Murder Mystery Party will take place November 6 at the lab headquarters.  Thanks to Zach for organizing it!   Do your best to make him proud.

Yige Luo joins the lab

Yige Luo, a recent graduate of Peking University, joins our lab and the PBG Graduate Group in September 2015.  Yige has done some great work on the pheromones of a very unusual fly species.

Zach Farrow joins the lab

Zach Farrow, a BMCDB graduate student, joins the lab.  Zach’s previous background is in visual system development in mice.

Gavin receives an NSF Doctoral Dissertation Improvement Grant

This well-deserved award will help Gavin examine the convergent evolution of regulatory sequences that control sexually dimorphic traits.  Congratulations!

6th annual lab mushroom hunting trip

Mark the date – Sunday January 11.  There’s been plenty of rain on the coast so far, so we have reasons to be optimistic about the harvest!

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