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David Luecke graduated!

To celebrate the completion of David’s dissertation on the evolutionary genetics of novel characters in Drosophila, the Kopp lab traveled to Amador county to sample their vineyards. Bravely, the intrepid researchers swirled, sipped, and opined about tannins and smokiness in the pour houses of the Sierra foothills. After several hours of wine sampling, and innumerable wheels of cheese, the Kopp lab ended the day with an impromptuĀ  “dance” circle where we all reminded ourselves, and the occasional unfortunate onlooker, why we are scientists instead of break dancers.

David is now off to Michigan State University to continue his search for the genetic mechanisms of evolution as he dives into the strange world of electric fish in the Jason Gallant Lab.

Good Luck David! You will be missed.

written byAmmon, photo credits: Ammon and Emily

Welcome back!

Artyom and Olga have finally returned after a year-long sabbatical in Germany! Despite our best efforts to clean and organize the lab before their return, we were asked to clean the lab again šŸ˜‰Ā 

We look forward to resuming our habits of altering the settings on Artyom’s dissecting scope and pestering Olga to order reagents and bake for us. Welcome home!

Written by Emily Delaney

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