FYI for the students – here’s what Artyom will be teaching next year, see if anything looks potentially interesting.

Fall – BIS2A (Introductory Biology); this section will cover biochemistry, genetics, cell biology and development with some bits of evolution, ecology, and biogeochemistry mixed in.  Graduate students interested in TAing for this class should contact the Microbiology office.

Fall – Genomics section of PBG 200A (Population Biology graduate core).

Winter – EVE150 (Evolution of Animal Development).  This is a “play”, advanced class based mainly on the reading and discussions of original literature.

POSSIBLY – Insect transgenic technologies.  This is an advanced undergraduate / graduate class I teach occasionally, whenever we accumulate enough interested people.  If you would like to take this class, contact me.  I will decide whether I’m teaching it by the end of Fall 2012 quarter.